Bluefelines Cattery

Welcome to the cattery website of Russian Blue cats

We are a small, expanding house cattery based in county Kerry in Ireland.

Our cattery is registered with TICA.

TICA – The International Cat Association is the world’s largest cat association based in Texas, USA. Originally it was a North American organization, but it expanded worldwide.

About me:

I have experience with Russian Blue cats for 12 years. I always wanted to become a breeder of these beautiful cats. In 2020 I got my first female and I can happily announce that the cattery is expanding.

I moved from Poland to Ireland in 2019 to study Veterinary Bioscience, so I am very familiar with anatomy, physiology and behaviour of animals. Being a veterinarian is helpful for running cattery as I am very sensitive to any abnormal behavioural changes in my cats so any problems are solved quickly and cats have the best welfare they can get.

Future owners will receive advice related to cats’ health, behaviour and needs.